Noongar Music Tribute Concert at The Fly Tonight

The City of Fremantle is supporting this special concert at the Fly tonight.

This one-of-a-kind event is in tribute to one of Noongar boodja’s most revered performers, Jason Bartlett.

Jason, through his work with The Bartlett Brothers, has inspired musicians from Fremantle to Far North Queensland of all races, nationalities and creed. Jason sadly has been ill for some time and this tribute concert will be held in Fremantle shortly before his life support systems will be shut down.

Along with Phil Walley-Stack, this very special performance will include:

  • Western Australian of the Year winner Gina Williams with the acclaimed Guy Ghouse
  • Phil Bartlett and the Bartlett Brothers
  • The Yabu Band (Their version of We Are Australian, we believe should be the national anthem…if you haven’t yet heard it, you can hear it here)
  • The Merindas
  • Hot Likwid
  • Johnny Ford and the Balga Boys
  • Julius Lutero Band
  • Lee West and Zain Laundehr

This unique one-off event features a Who’s Who of local Noongar talent and will be broadcast live across the Noongar Radio region and then in a special encore performance, be repeated on 100.9FM Noongar Radio and nationally across Australia.

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