“Free After 3” – Freo residents parking in central Freo

Not everyone knows this but the City of Fremantle gives out parking permit to residents for free parking in off-peak times in our CBD.

BUT… the current rules around this are kinda messy and complicated and as a result it is not understood but is instead rather under-utilized. So we are keen to update and simplify it and it is coming to FPOL committee this Wednesday evening.

CURRENTLY the permit allows access to free parking for all ON-STREET car bays with the following conditions:

  • mornings, between 9.00-11.00 am, time restrictions of the parking bays apply, MONDAY-FRIDAY ONLY
  • afternoons, between 3.00-5.00 pm, time restrictions of the parking bays apply, MONDAY-FRIDAY ONLY
  • evenings, between 5.00 pm-1.00 am, time restrictions of the parking bays do not apply, MONDAY-SUNDAY
  • OFF-STREET parking between 8.00 am-5.00 pm in car park 12B on Beach Street only, SATURDAY-SUNDAY.

Yes it is a bit all of the place and complicated. The recommendation to the committtee aims to simplify this by:

Making resident parking free after 3pm and before 10am on City of Fremantle OFF-STREET car parks every day of the week.

These would roughly be the locations:

Is this something you would support?

If not, what would you change? (Remembering that we can’t just make all parking free, all of the time, for everyone without major budget implications)

Are these off street locations useful given there is also half hour free already on High Street and free night parking on High and Adelaide Streets.

Is the change from 11am to 10am an issue?

Your feedback would be appreciated.

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61 Responses to “Free After 3” – Freo residents parking in central Freo

  1. Rebecca Hicks says:

    Leave the morning free parking until 11 am. Freo is a very sleepy place between 9-10, give everyone the chance to wake up and enjoy the free parking!

  2. Julie Savill says:

    Yes the change from 11-10 is an issue as some businesses don’t open until 9.30-10, also taking away on street parking will impact on the central city businesses. I live centrally so don’t always need to park in the centre but the times I do are usually on my out or returning when I will stop to get what I need – if the ease of this was reduced I would shop elsewhere as my time is money

  3. johnwv says:

    To be fair Brad, the current system is not the “complex”. It may be complex for the COF to administer but this is about the residents and not easy COF administration.. I like the existing “complex” system as it provides residents with an option to park close to the CBD in the evenings on the weekend and between 9-11 and 3-5 during the week to do business. It is exactly what we want. Pushing resident free parking to the outskirts of the CBD is not a simple answer.
    John Vodanovic

  4. piacsmith says:

    Hello Mayor Brad! Thanks for putting this up for discussion. To be honest though I really wouldn’t support these changes. It leaves no free resident permit parking in the whole of central Fremantle! All these options are on the fringes – well, that’s from my perspective as a mum who’s often shopping in Freo with a 2-year old. I’d just go elsewhere. All these options are on the fringes of Fremantle, which may not seem like far but for me it could often be a deal-breaker My go-to parking is Short St, and I have the permit conditions linked to my iPhone home page so I can quickly check (I can never remember them, but it’s no hassle to look them up). So my two cents worth is that, while I appreciate the review of the parking conditions, I definitely wouldn’t support these proposed changes. Thanks for putting it out there! Best regards, Pia.

  5. Teresa Flynn says:

    I agree that it is currently a pain trying to remember the times I’m allowed to park on the street without a ticket. The proposed changes, before 10am and after 3pm seven days a week, simplify it greatly.

    I lived in the UK for a few years recently and part of my council tax (rates) was a book with scratch the date/time parking vouchers for friends and (in particular) tradies to enable them to park at the front of my house without being penalised. I believe that a similar system would work well in Fremantle, as often there are problems with tradies being able to park longer than 2 hours to carry out work at local properties. It creates problems.

    I love living in Fremantle but I am concerned about the lack of convenience to accessing the town centre. So many people complain about it and say it is what keeps them from shopping here. Once again, my experience in Brighton in the UK was to have a ‘park and ride’ where people could park their cars in a secure car park not too far from the city centre and catch a CAT bus into the city centre. This way they can stay longer – do some shopping, see a movie and have a meal – without having to worry about getting back to their car before they get a parking ticket.

  6. Lee Jones says:

    I use my residents permit to park in Fremantle almost every week day and highly value the on-street parking and the 11am finish time. A lot of cafes and other businesses would lose the ‘after school drop off” trade. In fact I know many residents who would appreciate an extension till 11.30 and would probably stay longer in Freo for morning tea, a yoga class or story time at the library.

  7. Rhonda Campbell says:

    The times are fine as they are. If you really want to keep Fremantle rate payers happy can Council consider introducing time restricted parking for non- residents in the the residential streets in South Fremantle.

  8. Kaz Vickery says:

    if it were implemented for 10am… I think you should make it for on and off street parking, that would be much less confusing… ‘before 10 and after 3’ everywhere within limits would make it easy for everyone

    However, think everyone… particularly businesses would agree to leave it at 11am

  9. Sam Callier says:

    I would like to see the current allowance of free parking between to continue until 11am instead of the proposed 10am. With most shops opening at 9am and some even 10am it only allows 1 hour (or less) of free parking does not allow much time for boosting the Freo economy. Removal of the use of the 12B carpark for Saturday and Sunday 8am to 5pm is also a huge loss. This allows residents an option to be able to visit Freo for anytime within a 9 hour period – providing greater flexibility on the weekends! With the newly proposed 10am option and parking after 3pm, this only provides 3 hours of shopping time in two split sessions for a standard 9 to 5 store!

  10. graeme shapiro says:

    this should cover BOTH on street and off street, maintaining the free parking to 11am. BTW, it would help if the rules are printed on the back of the sticker so the driver is reminded of the rules.

  11. Emma says:

    I think it should stay free until 11am but welcome the free weekend parking.

  12. Fleur says:

    For me the current system is better and as a regular user of the free parking I don’t have a problem remembering the times. Street parking closer to the CBD and until 11 is also more user friendly

  13. Sue Mortimer says:

    I feel it should be free to park 9am to 12am & then 3pm to 5pm 7DAYS A WEEK ANYWHERE IN FREO

  14. Anthony says:

    Leave the system mostly as it is with the only change being the addition of more car parks as shown on your map for the Sat/Sun parking rather than just Beach St. Overall, the rules not really that complicated!

  15. Rob Delves says:

    Support simplified decision.
    And while you’re at it ,please ban cars from somevstreets and plant hundrefs of trees

  16. Alexandra says:

    Would the time restriction of the parking lots apply? Personally, we live close enough to the CBD that for longer visits, we walk. The current system works well for quick errands where it is convenient to park on the street.

  17. Helen says:

    That current system is fine. I don’t agree that changing the time to 10am is any simpler than 11am and a 10am cut-off is significantly less useful to residents. I use the current system regularly, with no problems, and I really appreciate it. It means that I can make a quick trip to central Freo, park close to wherever I need to shop and keep my business local. The proposed changes may be easier to administer, but they significantly reduce residents’ amenity.

  18. Mike Moulding says:

    Looks better.
    Anything to improve or simplify.
    Can you align the off street and on street parking so it’s the same?
    Also, which parking permit do we display? We have one multi and one resident….but nowhere does it say which one to display……since both can only be issued to residents, we assume it does not matter which. Cannot find any clarity on this in the policy only that as residents we are entitled to free parking…..Tx

  19. Joe says:

    I don’t find it all that complicated as it is, and prefer as it is really. However, if the time were to be reduced to 10am, it would most certainly affect me and I suspect others. Parking issues are one major reason I and my family under utilise the Freo central area. The current up to 11am helps make it a bit more usable, losing that hour would often make all the difference. I strongly oppose that part of the plan.

  20. Julie Fedele says:

    Prefer till 11am as till 10am really doesn’t allow much time to get things done. Also, as I have a young child (and one on the way), definitely I prefer parking on-street where possible, so I don’t have to drag them too far. But off-street parking is good too… Any chance we can have both?? 😛 Or at least more off-street options for weekends? I never use the Beach St carpark – too far. Also, the changes you have suggested, do time restrictions apply as per current rules during weekday business hours? Or would it be unlimited? I do agree that sometimes the on-street parking doesn’t quite work given the time restrictions, and given, as you’ve mentioned, there are free parking spots around the West End anyway.

  21. Andy.L says:

    If we were to lose the on street parking business will suffer. For working people dropping into the chemist, breaky muffin, or something real quick like a coffee on the way to work will just be too hard if you have to park on the outskirts. It would be easier to just go elsewhere.
    For working folk the CAT and outlying parking is only useful on weekends when you have plenty of time.

  22. Jessica says:

    Please don’t shorten the morning free time to 10am. By the time you walk away from your car to a shop that opens at 9.30, you’ll have to turn around again to go and get a parking ticket. I don’t need the off-street parking. Leave the hours as they are please! If you can let us have those hours on the weekend too (on-street only) that woukd be a bonus:)

  23. John Bird says:

    Sounds like a good idea Brad – as an East Freo resident, this presumably counts me out?

  24. Angela says:

    please do not change to 10am as this really doesn’t allow enough time for anything. I also like the on street parking option as it means I can get close to my destination. I don’t find the system particularly complex to be honest, so ‘simplification’ is not an issue for me.

  25. Darran says:

    Hi Brad … are there any proposed changes to current ON – STREET permit parking? ? ?

    • Darren, the proposal is to replace these with a seven day a week after 3pm off street option but council is yet to consider this and make a decision. cheers

      • Darran says:

        Hi Brad,

        Thanks for your quick response.

        However, it appears to me the carrot of giving ratepayers and residents more parking is actually just making parking more inconvenient.

        Under the new proposal my closest COF carpark is 400 – 500 m away from my inner city home. Having limited access to my car when unloading shopping e.g. is unacceptable to me – a faithful ratepayer.
        I like to park as close as possible to my home so that I can keep an eye (or ear e.g. alarm goes off ! ) on my car for security.

        Under the current rules I can park on-street between 3pm and 11am Mon – Fri.
        Under the proposed rules I have to park a significant distance away and at a reduced time between 3pm and 10am.

        The proposal also wants to take away free parking on the weekends in car park 12B.
        Since most inner Freo couples have 2 cars and 1 carbay this could become an enormous expense.

        How are the new rules of benefit to me?

        Like many bloggers I don’t find the current situation “complicated” at all.

        Is this new proposal designed to get the inner city permit cars off the streets?

        I think residents and ratepayers should be considered first. Visitors should be encouraged to use the fringe carparks.

        I do not support the new proposal.


      • Darran, that is useful feedback. I will share this with the Council too Thanks, Brad

  26. Sandra Albin says:

    I prefer to keep the ‘on street’ free hours as is please and not have car parking areas.
    I feel, car parking areas are only ok if you are spending a longer length of time and happy to walk longer distances / everywhere (but with bags of shopping it makes it difficult 😊).
    I prefer to park close and duck in & out.
    Residents should learn when the times are then they won’t have a problem.
    If you keep changing the rules everyone will be confused (again).
    I feel, it’s normal (you expect) to pay, if you park in a car parking area.

  27. Andrew J says:

    I certainly wouldn’t support the change, which I think you have – deliberately or otherwise – characterized as a simplification. It is actually a very significant change to move from the freedom of choice on-street parking to the restricted off-street parking options. The proposal really winds back the benefit provided to residents.
    What is most unclear is what problems actually result from the current scheme – by underutilized does the City mean not enough residents come in to park in the CBD? If so that’s surely an argument for providing greater incentives. If it means it is underutilized in that residents pay for parking when they don’t need to, is that really a problem for the City?
    If it simply a matter of confusion then that’s primarily a communication issue – as others have suggested put the rules on the permits or simplify them without negatively impacting the benefit as is currently proposed. Free and unlimited before 11 and after 3 every day would, I bet, have no significant impact on parking revenue nor availability for non-residents.
    I would be particularly concerned about possible ramifications for the cost of my inner city resident’s on-street parking permit – which I currently pay $500pa for, 10 times what the City of Sydney charges – because the City of Fremantle has historically calculated that fee taking into account the free on-street parking provided to all residents. if this change is made it paves the way for the CoF to ‘justify’ at least trebling that already outrageously high fee

  28. Gemma says:

    Please leave the on-Street parking ALONE. School drop off & pick up when I need to get somewhere straight from school. As it is I would rather head to garden city where I’m guaranteed a parking spot but if I had to pay for on street parking – not a chance.

  29. Simone pillinger says:

    Imuch prefer the current arrangement – reducing it by an hour is way less useful as a Mum who is in Freo a lot . Plus limited off street instead of the variety of options with on-street parkiing is far less flexibility/helpful I think.

    Lilly street Sth fremantle

  30. It is good to hear council talk of simplification of this complicated ratepayer benefit. Have you been given any idea of the nett amount of parking bays lost or gained under this proposal? I would hate to think that Parking Services are trying to pull a swifty on us…

  31. Brian says:

    Not withstanding all the above is it possible we could get an all inclusive paid parking option on our rates. Maximum convenience at a reasonable cost. Parking on weekends is frustrating, I guess a different issue but needs to be addressed

  32. Marika says:

    Hi Brad

    I do not support these changes as a mother to a young child and living in the inner city of Fremantle, the convenience of being able to park my car at the front of my apartment is priceless. I am sometimes home after dark with my daughter and my partner works away so my safety is paramount and I would not feel safe having to walk from a carpark to our apartment. Not to mention if I had bags of shopping or my daughter got sick and had to get to my car quickly.

    The current system works for me and many other residents I know in Fremantle so please just leave the parking system as is as it would cause lots of us a big incovenience.


  33. Karen Thomson says:

    It is a bit confusing – I thought there was a charge for the residents permit so I have not bothered to apply. Karen

  34. Michelle Abbott says:

    I think it should stay at 11am

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