Fremantle’s West End on the State Register of Heritage Places – Permanently

Today we had the new Minister for Heritage David Templeman in Fremantle to announce the permanent registration of the whole of Fremantle’s West End on the State Register of Heritage Places.

The cultural heritage value of the West End has long been recognised locally and I’m delighted it is now recognised at a state level – not to mention that it is the largest ever addition to the register with 250 buildings and 200,000 square metres that embody the exuberance of the gold boom era

The West End is a rare example of an intact port city business district during WA’s gold-boom era in the 1890s to 1900s so it really is a special place.

The West End’s built heritage represents the very best of our past and the best cities in the world not only protect these landmarks but sympathetically adapt them for modern use.

As our heritage coordinator likes to say, “Fremantle is not a museum but a vibrant city. For our city to grow yet remain true to its character, it is important that our heritage buildings are restored, used and loved by future generations as part of an urban centre.”

The City of Fremantle and Heritage Council alike, couldn’t agree more and hope to see future conservation works recapture the spirit that has made the West End so iconic and special.

As we celebrate this prestigious listing today, we also celebrate the people who made this possible – from the working groups and former councillors to our local property owners and residents. Thanks to everyone involved.

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