On the Verge of a Greener Fremantle: We’d Love Your Feedback

As you hopefully know already, the City of Fremantle encourages residents to develop gardens on their verge. We especially love native gardens that bring birds and biodiversity into our suburbs.

While we have seen some great verge gardens popping up all around Fremantle, we want to see lots more. So in the budget this year we decided we to allocate more resources and services to help people do this.

This includes

  1. a verge preparation and mulch delivery scheme to make it easier for residents to convert a verge to a garden.
  2. An increase the number of subsisted plants made available to the community to support verge gardens.
  3. more regular mulch pickup days for the community.

We are also looking a revising what you can put on your verge. Fruits and nut, trees, astroturf, vegetable planters???

We would love you thoughts before the Fremantle Council meeting on Thursday.

To get a feel for what works on the verge I am going to do a community walk around on Sunday afternoon starting at 1.30pm at the Cool Room Café on Holland Street for an hour or so to discuss what works and doesn’t. You would be very welcome to join us.

Also check out the item on page 138 0f the agenda here:



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16 Responses to On the Verge of a Greener Fremantle: We’d Love Your Feedback

  1. Noel Wood says:

    Good idea but make sure they do not block lines of sight for vehicles, bikes and pedestrians and therefore become a safety hazard.

  2. Hi Brad
    Let’s Grow Eatable plants that can be shared with.who ever needs It most
    And Maybe Those who need them can also participate in cultivation and Learn along the way to grow there own
    Paying it Forward as they say
    So Yes Love The Idea Brad 💡

  3. Hi Brad, I offer/run free workshops on native gardening and would gladly provide to support this initiative…..

  4. Angela Matheson says:

    What a wonderful idea.

  5. Bruce says:

    I have been wanting to plant on our street front. it was native but new neighbours with the front title removed it. They have shown interest in putting in some natives again and want me to contribute to the half near our drive way.
    It’s great to hear council are looking at providing support and help. I think this can also provide some consistency in design. a neighbour two houses up has just established one and it is a beautiful example.

    Im at 2A the example may be 4 Rennie Crs Nth. it’s the cudesac.

  6. Fantastic City of Freo! Verge gardens make streets greener, more pleasant and encourage birds and biodiversity. The verges on Wray Ave where i live are a good example of what residents can do. There are lots of verge gardens in South Freo too.

  7. skygirl says:

    Have council subsidise occasional (well-
    promoted) Permaculture workshops from all our fabulous local permies with particular emphasis on a step by step process that takes into account sourcing of materials from council and elsewhere, rules such as line of sight, etc and possible tours of local ones. They can also encourage WA permablitz groups for old people and others for whom setting up a garden could be hard work.

  8. Ian Small says:

    I have done the preparation for many of these projects in adjoining suburbs and can see the benefits of communal herb and vegetable gardens. It is a win/win situation for all involved and fully support these initiatives. We are getting surrounded by more and more concrete and steel monstrosities so some more productive greenery would be a much more pleasant and friendly alternative

  9. Rosemary Rees says:

    Hi there, i live in Hilton and I do love verge gardens. My concern is that verge gardens can make it harder to see people walking or cycling on footpaths and roads. Pedestrians on the footpath can be hard to see. I think corner blocks should not have much on their verges, as already there are places in Hilton where it is very hard to see cyclists eg when driving a car and turning right. Bushy native trees are a particular problem.

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