City takes action on speed humps

This press release went out today:

The City has taken action to address concerns by modifying speed humps on three key Fremantle roads.

Following public feedback regarding the recent installation of speed humps along Ord Street, Wray Avenue and South Terrace, the City has reduced the severity of traffic treatments but remains committed to driving behavioural change and improving safety.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the most frequently raised issue during the Fremantle 2029 Community Visioning Project was the need to slow traffic and make the city safer for pedestrians, cyclist and other road users.

Mayor Pettitt said the recent works emphasised council’s ongoing commitment to delivering on this request. He acknowledged that the introduction of speed humps was not universally popular, but said the City had listened and acted to address concerns that the measures went further than necessary.

“We have reduced the overall number of speed humps as well as softened the remaining humps on Ord and Wray Avenue,” Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said.

“This responds to the feedback we received and will reduce the impact for cyclists and smaller vehicles using these streets.

“We are grateful for the input from our community and have already received a number of positive comments about the modified approach.

“It’s worth remembering also that the introduction of the speed humps in the first place was prompted by a desire to slow traffic and make our streets even safer for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

“We will continue to work in partnership with our community to achieve a safer and better-connected Fremantle.”

Ord Street

  • Two of five speed humps have been removed and the gradient of the remaining speed humps has been softened. This aims to still slow traffic at key pedestrian crossing points (to schools and the Fremantle Arts Centre and leisure centre) and discourage trucks from using this route as a shortcut to Fremantle port.

Wray Avenue

  • Two of four speed humps have been removed and the gradient of the remaining speed humps has been softened.

South Terrace

  • Speed humps on South Terrace deliver an interim/temporary solution while permanent traffic calming and streetscape upgrades are developed and finalised.
  • By slowing the traffic down initially, the City is in a stronger position to advocate to Main Roads (who control speed signs in WA) for an official speed reduction on South Terrace.
  • The City is currently working on its first targeted area for the permanent scheme which will include a ‘slow’ speed node and footpath build-outs on South Terrace at the intersections with Little Lefroy Road and Sydney Street.
  • This permanent solution is also likely to include footpath upgrades, landscaping improvements and street furniture and is scheduled for delivery as part of the 2017/18 City works program with the help of the state government.
  • In response to community feedback, the City has removed five of 15 speed humps as well as introduced a central speed hump to prevent cars from weaving to avoid the humps.


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6 Responses to City takes action on speed humps

  1. Michelle Abbott says:

    I think cyclists and pedestrians should be educated on how to use the road in in a harmoniously manner with cars. Cyclists should be weary helmets and cycle close to the curb where possible, not side by side and in large groups

  2. Stuart says:

    installing a central hump on South Tce does not significantly reduce swerving. Drivers swerve to the left and cut across the path of cyclist. I do hope that these humps are a temporary measure in the development of ramp-like humps as the swerving has increased danger to cyclists.

  3. Erica Radalj says:

    Why does the average citizen of Fremantle driving down the average city street, trying to get from A to B, have to suffer the Nanna State dictates of a few people in power, pandering to those who don’t even know how to cross the road properly?!
    Ord, Wray and South Tce are Fremantle city thoroughfares, not backstreets.
    Get rid of the lot of them.

  4. Eloise says:

    I have stopped altogether taking my family for breakfasts in Fremantle. I clearly do not see the reason why I should have suffer the discomfort of speed humps to bring custom to a city that treats every driver like a hoon. We wonder why Fremantle is dying, first you constrict inbound traffic to a single lane and then you add uncomfortable humps over and above it. Businesses will feel the pinch at some. I will be not driving to South Terrace for breakfast lunch or dinner only to have that shaken in me on my way home.

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