Dockers Deal to come to Freo Council Tonight

After a long journey good to have on the table an agreement with the Fremantle Dockers that returns control of Freo oval to the community, gets the city staff some good value temporary accommodation during Kings Square development, and enables ongoing strong links between our port city and the Dockers.

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One Response to Dockers Deal to come to Freo Council Tonight

  1. Its good that the Dockers have moved out to their new tax payer funded home in Cockburn but its still a bit rich that they wanted so much to leave when it was mostly other people money that built the premises at Freo oval for them in the first place. Now we must wait at least a further five to six years before the next stage when we can get the two original and true Fremantle football clubs back to share the oval like they did for so many years. Let us hope it doesn’t drag on like so many projects seem to do in this State and we can see the Freo Oval developed and bring WAFL back to town in a big way with a new and improved facility that will be a benefit to all.

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