Good Progress Towards One Planet in Freo

As many of you already know Fremantle is a One Planet Council – meaning we aim to be sustainable in a holistic ways that recognises that we really do only have one planet to support us and not three four as the Western world seems to assume. One Planet uses these ten useful categories:Fremantle achieved national One Planet certification in 2014 and was the first council  in Australia to achieve international certification 2015.

As part of our international certification the Fremantle Council recently signed off on our 2017 Annual Report. The report outlines our progress towards corporate and community targets for each of the principles above, and details key projects and actions undertaken in 2017. Key priorities for 2018 are also outlined in the final section.  Check the report out in full here:

Our vision under One Planet is an ambitious one: “The City of Fremantle aims to become Perth’s most sustainable local government and a global leader – a place where we foster community in a way that supports quality of life, while respecting the limits of the planet on which we live.”

As the report outlines we are made some good progress in 2017

 But as Bioregional (who facilitate One Planet) acknowledge “there is still a long way to go for Freo to be a truly sustainable city, but if the City can continue to harness the enthusiasm of the local population it may soon become reality.” I absolutely agree!

2018 is looking like a busy year. In addition to high profile projects like the South Fremantle solar farm and a zero-carbon aim for the  new City of Fremantle civic building, there are lots of others great activities planned. Here is a snap shot, with more in the full report:

Finally, City of Fremantle staff and I will be giving an update on some of our most recent sustainability projects this week at the Moores building. We would love to see you there


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8 Responses to Good Progress Towards One Planet in Freo

  1. Pippa Hurst says:

    Good work : )

  2. Sean says:

    Brad, that darned Western world eh?

  3. Andy says:

    So what has the cost versus the benefit been to the ratepayer? With all due respect!

  4. Sean Hefferon says:

    “we really do only have one planet to support us and not three four as the Western world seems to assume”. Brad – obviously not all of the Western world – hence the good work from this neck of the Western world – but as you know more to do.

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