Sirona Capital’s FOMO retail development, located in Kings Square, Fremantle, is a finalist in the World Architecture Festival 2018, with judging being held in Amsterdam in November this year.
The World Architecture Festival celebrates inspiring and outstanding architecture. It is the only architecture event where keynote talks from the industry’s most influential figures occur together with live judging presentations from over 500 award finalists.
It is the only global awards program where architects present their projects live to a panel of internationally renowned judges and delegates from around the world.
FOMO Fremantle, designed by HDR architects, has been selected as a finalist in the Leisure Led Development – Future Project category.
The $270m Kings Square Fremantle, which includes the new $50m City of Fremantle civic centre, is a transformational renewal project in the heart of Western Australia’s historic port city. It will become a major entertainment, retail, and employment precinct.
The project is underwritten by a 15-year lease to the Western Australian State Government for 20,000sqm over five levels and across two buildings to accommodate some functions of the Department of Communities, mainly Housing.
It also includes the introduction of FOMO, a new urban retail, food and dining destination, and the 830 bay multi-deck Queensgate car park.
Sirona managing director Matthew McNeilly said he was deeply encouraged that FOMO Fremantle had been shortlisted.
“We are thrilled our architectural team at HDR has designed a project that will inspire a renewed community vibe in Fremantle’s CBD, one which will contribute significantly to the city’s economic potential,” Mr McNeilly said.
“First and foremost, our focus has been on design excellence and for Kings Square to create a place that lives and breathes social activity enhanced by the inclusion of more than 1,500 government employees in office space above our innovative FOMO food, beverage and retail experience.
“FOMO – which is the heart the Kings Square redevelopment – is all about reflecting Fremantle’s ever-changing nature. While Fremantle has an established character of its own, FOMO will be a destination whose meaning is different for everyone.
“The fact that HDR has three projects shortlisted, including FOMO, tells me quite clearly that we have partnered with the right architectural team.”
HDR Principal Susanne Pini said, “Projects like this are so rare – the opportunity to truly craft an architecture around the community and know that it has the chance of being truly catalytic with a client and a team that believes in the power of design, the power of people and the power to change places – that’s truly transformational”.
The World Architecture Festival will be held in Amsterdam over three days from 28 November 2018.


Fresh New Look for Hilton Town Centre

The Hilton Town Centre has a fresh new look following a facelift by the City of Fremantle.

The upgrade was designed to make the section of South Street which runs through the Hilton shopping area feel more like a traditional town centre by slowing traffic and creating a safe and welcoming environment.

It also addressed a serious safety issue for pedestrians crossing by preventing cars from turning right out of Paget Street and Victor Street onto South Street.

Charles Austen, who opened Charlie’s Coffee Bar in Hilton six months ago, said the upgrade had already made a noticeable difference.

“I’ve definitely noticed an increase in foot traffic – across the road, back and forth, people out on the street,” Mr Austen said. “I think with even more seating outdoors it will help to take it beyond even where it is at the moment.”

The owner of Gilberts Fresh Market, John Opferkuch, was also impressed with the work.

“I think with a small budget the creativity and the effect they’ve been able to create with it has been brilliant,” he said. “It’s opened it all up, everybody that drives past is now engaged with both sides, people that drive past will be much more aware of pedestrians, so overall it’s been a terrific result.”

The project was funded through the state government’s Local Projects, Local Jobs program and the City of Fremantle.

Fremantle MLA Simone McGurk said the upgrade had improved one of Fremantle’s the most dangerous stretches of road.

“In the past five years there have been 20 crashes involving cars turning right onto South Street, and lots of near misses with people using the pedestrian crossing,” Ms McGurk said.

“These improvements have not only made the area more attractive, they’ve also made it a lot safer.”

I think the City of Freo’s infrastructure team had delivered a fantastic outcome for the people of Hilton. It’s an area that all Hilton residents can be really proud of, and I’m sure local businesses will enjoy the benefits.

Westport Community Information Sessions


A series of public Community Information Sessions are being held for community members to learn more about the Westport project.

Consultation is a key component of developing the Westport Strategy and will occur across each of the key stages as the Westport Taskforce looks at all options to support Western Australia’s growing trade industry.

The sessions are informal and attendees may arrive and leave at any time within the two-hours. Details are outlined below:


Date and time: Wednesday 11 July, 2018- 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm.
Venue: Stackwood – 10 Stack Street, Fremantle 6160

Celebration of Fremantle Joining Global Biophilic Cities Network

Did you know that Fremantle is first Australian city to join the Biophilic Cities global network?

There is an event this Thursday to celebrate this achievement at the City of Freo at Freo Oval.

Tim Beatley from the University of Virginia and founder of Biophilic Cities will join us with a short video presentation. This will be followed by presentation of the certificate and an opportunity to ask questions.

Celebratory drinks will be supplied.

Further information can be found here

And for more info…

We hope you can make it!


#CookForSyria Fundraising Dinner and Market at Moore and Moore

This month the wonderful Moore & Moore has been taking part in the #CookForSyria Campaign. This Saturday the 30th it will be hosting a fundraising dinner in collaboration with Kazoomies, to raise money and awareness for the Children of Syria.

When: 30th June, 6pm onwards Where: Moore’s Building

Tickets:  $80 plus booking fee Eventbrite: or $80 from the Cafe (no booking fee and a free coffee!)

Moore & Moore Cafe will be also hosting a Winter Souq Market over the last weekend of June.In line with our involvement with the #CookForSyria campaign. Come down and get cosy as you meander through our up stairs gallery, with a selection of handcrafted and specially selected fine wares from your favourite local artisans.

For Moore Information: Click Here

Oxford Street’s High Street Retail Challenges

Given the ongoing debates about retail in Fremantle, I thought the recent report in The West about the challenges that Oxford St in Leederville are having is interesting. I have always thought of Oxford St as a great little centre with a fabulous mix of retail and food and beverage. In fact I have previously written Oxford St is Perth’s standout high street.

But, as reported in The West:“…retail stalwarts Black Plastic, Oxford Street Books and Elroy Clothing, which have been on or around Oxford Street for between 20 and 30 years, are all closing their doors. The owners blame falling foot traffic, growing competition from online and, in some cases, high rents”.

In Fremantle, despite our retail challenges (for some earlier thoughts see here) we are very fortunate to have multiple record stores, great book shops and some great gifts and fashion that sits alongside our impressive range of cafes and restaurants. But keeping and improving on this is going to be a huge challenge. A challenge that will need so collaborative effort by the City of Fremantle, shop owners, landlords and us consumers too. Shopping local is going to be essential and supporting what we got is going to be key.

So with this in mind, today I got a few things from the new Academy Brand store at the end of the High Street Mall. A good addition to Freo’s retail mix.

Photo courtesy of Roel Looper’s Freoview


 Re-Imagine Your Street Initiative

Re-Imagine Your Street is an initiative that aims to connect neighbours and builds community

The Henry Project is delighted to be supporting two streets in Fremantle (Davies St, Beaconsfield and Clarke St, Hilton), to create their own individual neighbourhood spaces. We want to make our streets great places to gather, share meals, take some time out, play and get to know each together.

The Henry Project has been fortunate enough to be selected as one of three organisations to be involved in the Huddle Changemakers initiative. Through this initiative, Huddle Insurance have partnered with StartSomeGood to support three projects that can help create a future that is more connected, caring and trusting. Huddle will provide the first $5,000.

The initiative is called ‘Re-Imagine Your Street’. This initiative re-imagines the suburban street as a lively, active and connected group of households. It will create opportunities for neighbours to meet, make new friends and lasting connections, and will demonstrate that by having spaces in common, we can improve our quality of life.

The crowdfunding campaign has an ‘ALL-OR-NOTHING’ goal so they need another $2,300 in pledges to get them to $10,000 in total.

There is only 8 days remaining, until June 30th, to raise the remaining funds, so if you are interested check out the page.

Visit the Start Some Good campaign page to find out more.