Debating development, change and gentrification in Freo

A good follow up piece by Nathan Hondros in WA Today on Freo’s future probably wraps up what was an interesting and worthwhile discussion on development, change and gentrification in Freo over the past week.

It all started with Nathan Hondros writing the controversial “Fremantle I love you but you have to change”

Fearing Nathan wasn’t aware that change was underway I posted my blog post Fremantle, we have a problem? Yes and the fix is underway

ABC Radio presenter Gillian O’Shaughnessy then responded to Nathan with a timely piece called

The problem isn’t Freo, it’s you reminding us that what makes Freo special is the non-shiny bits. As she said “Where the Nathans see “run down and worn out”, I see charming and sassy. Even a little louche in parts”

Today, after speaking with locals including Adin Lang and Roel Loopers as well as Matthew McNeilly, Nathan Hondros wrote his response to the debate:

Beyond the cult of Freo: The $1.3b set to change our port city forever

It was a debate worth having and if we learnt nothing else it’s that this town has some wonderfully passionate supporters, all who love it – even if they can’t agree on how it should change.


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One Response to Debating development, change and gentrification in Freo

  1. maquismail says:

    Well said,! Nathan’s first article seemed contradictory with photo’s of change and development next to text about sadness and malaise. On slow news days, with deadlines looming, a negative story always seems to be the easier solution.
    The later story is an impressive back-flip that could have had the same photos as the first but taken on a sunny day..(although the pics of Freo notables are very nice!).

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