Fremantle welcomes Traffic Bridge funding commitment

The City of Fremantle’s vision for the replacement of the Fremantle Traffic Bridge.

The City of Fremantle has welcomed the bipartisan support for the replacement of the ageing Fremantle Traffic Bridge.

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the commitment of $115 million towards the replacement of the bridge during a visit to Perth today.

Member for Fremantle Josh Wilson said that commitment would be matched by a federal Labor government should they win the upcoming federal election.

Replacing the traffic bridge with a new one in a similar location was one of the key projects outlined in the City’s ‘Freo 2029 – Transformational Moves’ strategy.

The Fremantle Traffic Bridge is an important northern gateway into Fremantle, but it’s reaching the end of its life as a carriageway for cars and trucks.

Main Roads’ assessment of the bridge is that without significant remedial maintenance it will have to close in the near future.

If that were to happen without a suitable alternative in place it would cause traffic chaos for Fremantle and have a big impact on freight getting to and from the Fremantle Port.

Our plan is for a new bridge to be built between the existing traffic bridge and the rail bridge, and to convert the old bridge into a pedestrian and cycleway.

Another important element of the project is to create a dedicated freight railway line, which would eliminate the current conflict between freight and passenger trains.

A dedicated freight line would allow the port to handle more freight on rail during daylight hours, so we’re very pleased this has been included in the federal government’s announcement.

We look forward to continuing our constructive discussions with the state government to secure a state commitment to this project.

The replacement of the Fremantle Traffic Bridge was recently added to Infrastructure Australia’s list of nationally significant projects as a priority initiative to be delivered in the near term.

Infrastructure Australia said the bridge was at the end of its useable life and at risk of closure, which would increase traffic pressure on the neighbouring Stirling Bridge, worsen travel times and impact on heavy freight access to Fremantle Port.

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5 Responses to Fremantle welcomes Traffic Bridge funding commitment

  1. J. Atkins says:

    The map of new traffic and rail bridges looks impressive. However it does not include details of the Stirling Highway and Tydeman Road intersection and any efforts/structures to mitigate increase in noise and air pollution and protect the health of nearby residents in that area.
    Could you please explain what measures will be put in place?

  2. vacation25 says:

    A safe pedestrian way for walkers and bicycles would encourage people to get out of their cars and take some exercise

  3. John Vodanovic says:

    You mentioned State Govt was planning this project and to my way of thinking is probably going to fast track it. It’s a road and it’s going to bring thousands of extra south-south-east metro automobiles through the centre of Fremantle on their daily commute north and similarly thousands of western suburbs automobiles on their daily commutes south.

    Can you please go into bat for the local community and organise some consultative meetings with the general public, similar to the meetings that were held for the High Road and Stirling Hwy interchange?


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