Free D-locks to Stop Bike Theft in Freo

City of Fremantle’s Community Safety Team will be giving out free D-locks in an effort to reduce bike theft.


The ‘Lock down on bike theft’ campaign will focus on Fremantle’s city centre and run from February through to April.

It is a collaboration between Fremantle Police and the City of Fremantle, with the Public Transport Authority rolling out a similar initiative at Fremantle Train Station during February.

Community Safety Team Leader Christopher Scanlan said the D-lock campaign aimed to reduce bike theft by half.

“We’ll approach cyclists find out what kind of bike lock they are using and then offer a D-lock in exchange for their old lock,” he said.

“D-locks have been proven to be quite robust and they can only be removed using a cutting device or saw whereas a standard bike cable can be cut within 10 or 15 seconds using a standard cutting device.

“Locking your bike with a D-lock is going to improve safety, make it harder for people to steal and act as a deterrent.”

The Community Safety Team has about 200 D-locks to give out to the public over the next two to three months.

Because Fremantle is such a bike friendly community, residents needed to take extra precautions.

Fremantle has a huge cycling community but unfortunately that can mean we are sometimes a target for bike thefts. We are actively working to prevent bike theft with this campaign which will encourage more people to cycle regularly.

Fremantle Police Investigations Manager Phil Gazzone said the community played a significant role in reducing bike theft by ensuring the correct locks were used.

“It’s really positive to see the joining of forces between Fremantle Police and the City of Fremantle to collaboratively tackle this crime type,” he said.

“The quality and values of bicycles these days have evolved with carbon fibre frames and can be easily moved so naturally would be of high interest to offenders prepared to commit this crime”.

The campaign will be launched at a Bike Theft Awareness Day at Kings Square on 25 February, starting at 10am.

Fremantle residents will be able to collect a free D-lock, have their bikes engraved and learn some handy tips about where to park their bikes and lock them properly.

The free D-locks are available to Fremantle residents only and are limited to one per person until stocks run out.

Ride to Work Day for Freo-ites

Next Wednesday 18th October 7am on is Ride to Work Day for Freo-ites. See you there.

Bike Freo – Community Ride this Sunday, October 8th

Bike Freo, the Fremantle Bicycle Users Group, are having a community ride this Sunday, October 8th. The starting time will be 9.30am at Pioneer Reserve, across the road from Fremantle Train Station.  Expected finish between 11am and 11.30am.

All welcome. I will be coming down too

This is an enjoyable social ride that will also allow participants to observe and comment on the state of bike safety/infrastructure in parts of Fremantle.


It’s all about Infrastructure – Safety and Bikes in Freo

Nice for Freo to be acknowledged as: “… ahead of most of the metropolitan area in promoting and providing for cycling.
“Fremantle has long been a leader in promoting bike riding for transport and they have been very proactive providing for bicycles,”


Safer bike routes around Perth and Fremantle tops list in Bicycling WA survey

CYCLISTS want better infrastructure and safer riding routes around Perth and Fremantle, according to the results of a recent survey.

More than 44 per cent of respondents to the Bicycling WA (BWA) survey listed infrastructure such as more dedicated bike paths and connected routes as their top priority, while 28 per cent said there needed to be better road safety through driver and rider education and legislative changes.

BWA chief executive Jeremey Murray said the need for better infrastructure had been high on the agenda for many years and was currently its number one priority.

He said Fremantle continued to be ahead of most of the metropolitan area in promoting and providing for cycling.

“Fremantle has long been a leader in promoting bike riding for transport and they have been very proactive providing for bicycles,” he said.

“Of course there is always more that can be done.

“Access is a real challenge, with the network links into the city via North Fremantle particularly unfriendly towards bikes.

“We are keen to see the principal shared path (PSP) completed from Perth to Fremantle, as we see this as an important link connecting the two major cities in the Perth metro area.”

City of Fremantle infrastructure and project delivery director Graham Tattersall said they were committed to promoting cycling as a way of encouraging a more active and healthy lifestyle, as well as making Fremantle a more liveable, environmentally-friendly city.

He said over the past three years the City had committed more than $2 million towards improvements.

Join the Fremantle BUG (Bicycle Users Group) for a Freo Ride

If you are interesting in cycling and making riding safer and better in Fremantle please join the Fremantle BUG (Bicycle Users Group) for a ride around Fremantle this Sunday  July 9th.

10am start from South Beach Cafe.

The plan is for 60 to 90 minutes slow ride, with plenty of stops to discuss the bike infrastructure we come across and how we can improve it to make Fremantle an even better place to ride a bike.

A Self-Guided Bike Tour of Freo’s Alternative History: “Demolished and Unbuilt”

Over the last couple of weekends as part of the Fremantle Heritage Festival I ran a free alternative history bike tour called “Demolished and Unbuilt”. It was lots of fun but I know many of you missed out as it was fully subscribed.

So I thought I would post the tour so that you can take you and your mates on a ride through Freo’s alternative futures if you are so inclined. It starts at the Rainbow and finishes at the Norfolk. Enjoy!

Freo’s Ride-In Cinema for Bike Week

To go out with a fun sweat Bike Week in Fremantle will wrap up on Saturday with the Ride-In Cinema. It will bring back all the nostalgic memories of visiting the Drive-in but with a Fremantle twist.

Ride in to Market Street Piazza, park your bike and get dinner from one your favourite spots before settling in to view a series of short films that are related to cycling in some way, shape or form. Don’t get too comfy though, this cinema needs some pedal power to operate.

San Churro’s will be there handing out some free samples and discount vouchers to keep the energy levels up.

Grab a group of friends, family or maybe your neighbours and get pedalling at The Ride-In Cinema to celebrate Bike Week and Neighbourhood Day.

26th of March 2017 at 6:00pm until 8:15pm