Fremantle Network – Freo’s Urban Forest and Mens Shed

This month’s Freo Network discussion will feature the Freo Men’s Shed and the City of Fremantle’s Urban Forest Plan.

Bill Johnstone is the President of The Freo Mens Shed, a ‘Not For Profit’ organisation which aims to:

  • Provide a wood and metal workshop space for men of all ages and abilities to carry out projects that can benefit both themselves and the local Community.
  • Link men in the community to services and support structures to enhance their health and wellbeing
  • Foster, maintain and expand men’s social and educational networks
  • Support a variety of community organisations and initiatives using volunteer members to provide assistance.

Gavin Giles is a project officer with the City of Fremantle who recently developed the City’s Urban Forest Plan. The plan includes a comprehensive assessment of Fremantle’s existing tree canopy, and a detailed plan for how to increase it to 20% by 2020.


Come along for a discussion with Bill and Gavin about these exciting local projects.

6pm Monday 30 October upstairs at the National Hotel.

REMINDER:  The most important thing you can do for Freo’s future is VOTE for it!

Have your say on Fremantle’s future by voting in the local government elections now on. Bring your vote to the Fremantle Town Hall before 6pm Saturday 21 October.

Last election 400 people voted but were not counted in the vote because their ballots arrived late. So don’t miss out, have your say today!





Volunteer to become a High Tide Pilot

As part of the Fremantle Festival, High Tide is the first incarnation of the Fremantle Biennale, a unique event hosting the best in site-responsive art from local and international artists.

We are looking for volunteers to become our High Tide Pilots and Ambassadors for the festival between October 28th- November 12th. As a pilot you will be posted in the West End of Fremantle to provide information to visiting audiences, ensure safety for viewers and security of artworks. You will play a key role helping with operational tasks working closely with artists and industry professionals. For more information please contact Gabby at 9432 9728.

For the full High Tide and Fremantle Festival program go to and

Gold Street Park Wins National Award

A community effort to refresh a local Fremantle park has been recognised with a national landscaping award.

The Gold Street Community Park project in South Fremantle won a National Landscape Architecture Award in the Community Contribution category from the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects at a ceremony in Sydney earlier this month.

In awarding the prize, the competition jury said the project was undertaken in a facilitated and democratic manner and has led to a great outcome for the Gold Street community.

The jury said: “The participatory style was strongly supported by the City of Fremantle, who saw this as an opportunity to trial a new approach to parks; one in which the long-term outcomes could potentially result in greater community satisfaction, ongoing community involvement, and also realise cost savings in relation to construction and maintenance.”

The project started back in 2014, with residents working with local landscaping firms UDLA and EarthCare Landscapes to come up with the nature-based design.

The City of Fremantle contributed $100,000 to the project, but a lot of the materials were donated and local residents helped out by planting trees and building retaining walls and play equipment.

The park is now a hub for community gatherings like barbecues, Christmas parties and movie nights.   

UDLA Principal Director Greg Grabasch thanked the local community for participating in a journey of trust, learning and continued friendship.

“We had a very supportive council, a fun inclusive design process, an experienced landscape construction team and a wonderful, connected bunch of Gold Street ‘Peeps’,” Mr Grabasch said.

EarthCare director Francis Burke said he hoped the inclusive approach to the Gold Street would become the norm for the planning of community parks. 

“As local Fremantle residents, we were delighted at being involved to help improve a much loved local park and help create an opportunity to assist both the City of Fremantle to engage more fully with their local community and for the community to take more ownership of their own spaces,” Mr Burke said.

Freo lifesavers honoured


Four Fremantle Leisure Centre lifeguards have been honoured for their bravery in saving the life of a swimmer earlier this year.

James Annetts, Tia Stonehill, Parris Laurie and Andrea Thackray were all presented with a Royal Lifesaving Society Gold Star for bravery at a ceremony at Government House this morning.

The group saved the life of 71-year-old Ian Mitchell, who suffered a serious stroke while swimming at the Leisure Centre in August.

After another patron raised the alarm, Tia and Parris hauled Mr Mitchell from the water and administered CPR while James and Andrea cleared the pool and called an ambulance.

“When the ambulance left our patient was breathing and had a pulse, but even after an extensive debrief we all felt anxious to know if our patient was going to live,” James said.

“The incident happened at 8am Friday morning and we didn’t hear anything till 8.10pm Saturday night, and it was such wonderful news to hear he was going to be fine.”

Tia said it was a great honour to be recognised with the award.

“It’s something that I didn’t expect but will cherish for the rest of my life and I’m very proud of earning,” Tia said.

“Nothing fills me with more joy than knowing that someone still has their husband, dad, brother, uncle, grandfather all due to our efforts and ability to do what was necessary that day in saving Mr Mitchell’s life.”

Mr Mitchell congratulated Tia, Parris, Andrea and James on receiving their awards.

“I wish to thank them for having the skills and smarts to pull an old bloke who was drowning out of the pool, to clear his airway, start CPR, call the Medics and save his life,” Mr Mitchell said.

“I want to thank John East and all the Fremantle Leisure Centre Staff for having efficient systems in place with well-trained personnel able to look after old blokes who get into strife in the pool.

“You have saved my life and I will always be grateful.”

Watch this short video


Verge Mowing Underway So Please Keep Your Verge Clear

Verge mowing throughout Freo’s suburbs is currently underway!

Don’t put out your junk early or we won’t be able mow your verge.

Junk pick up in next month 🙂

For more info visit

From the Freo Council Chambers – September Edition


Bike Freo – Community Ride this Sunday, October 8th

Bike Freo, the Fremantle Bicycle Users Group, are having a community ride this Sunday, October 8th. The starting time will be 9.30am at Pioneer Reserve, across the road from Fremantle Train Station.  Expected finish between 11am and 11.30am.

All welcome. I will be coming down too

This is an enjoyable social ride that will also allow participants to observe and comment on the state of bike safety/infrastructure in parts of Fremantle.