Now is time to ‘Donate without doubt’

This week (7 to 13 August) is Homelessness Week which seeks to raise awareness of people experiencing homelessness and the issues these people face.

Homelessness continues to rise as an issue across Australia. For example, the number of people accessing specialist homelessness support for financial reasons has increased from 11.2% in 2006-7 to 20.1% in 2015-16 (AHIW, 2016). Fremantle like many centres sees this first hand and is working in partnership with services providers to address this complex and challenging problem.

A  great way for residents to help address homelessness was to support ‘Donate without doubt’. The ‘Donate without doubt’ campaign provides funds to St Patrick’s Community Support Centre, allowing the centre to provide vital services to those in need.

Spare change collection boxes placed throughout the CBD provide a convenient and effective way of donating and all donations are matched dollar for dollar by the City of Fremantle.

Since the launch of the ‘Donate without doubt’ initiative in February 2016, more than $12,000 has been donated to St Patrick’s. These donations help provide emergency relief, housing, meals, education and health services.

Fremantle community had a long standing history of giving.  ‘Donate without doubt’ is a joint collaboration between the City of Fremantle, WA Police and Community Newspaper Group.

Visit  for more information.



From the Freo Council Chambers – parking, verges and West End development

Delivering Sustainable Housing for Artists and Creatives (SHAC)

This morning was one of those special mornings that captured so much about what I love about Fremantle.

Today, affordable housing, promotion of the arts, sustainability and community all came together in the SHAC Housing project official opening today in WGV, Fremantle.

I still remember when the original SHAC artists came to visit me at the City of Fremantle about their out of the box idea for some affordable housing in Fremantle that was specifically for artists. Housing and studios in perpetuity that Freo artists could live and work in.

It was a bold idea. One without precedent in WA. But the hard work of the SHAC crew along some great support from Landcorp, Access Housing, CODA, JBA, Donaldson and Warn, Peter Tinley, CUSP, City of Freo and others saw this crazy, bold idea become a reality today.

Resident artists have now moved into some of the 22 nicely designed, affordable rental units and artist studios that sit in a sustainable medium density building (with 20kw of solar PV and 40kw of batteries) all among some wonderful native landscaping.

I suspect there was barely a dry eye in the crowd as Michelle who was one of the co-initiators of the project explained its importance to the Freo arts community in her wonderful speech (see below). This is an exceptionally good example of density done well.

This is a project I feel extremely proud to have played a small part in helping it come to reality. I feel even more proud to part of community that can bring bold idea to reality because we care and have a vision for the kind of diverse and inclusive community we want to be.

It was a special day – love Freo


Kings Square Palm Trees on the Move

The Pulse taken on Fremantle’s Vital Signs

Just in case you missed your copy of the Fremantle Foundation’s Vital Signs Report in the Freo Herald last week then you down load the report here: Vital Signs 

In a first for our community, they take a snapshot of Fremantle’s vital statistics including the Gap Between Rich & Poor, Health, Learning and Belonging. It is well worth a read.

Last Last Week in 2 Minutes

Here’s a quick 2 minute video update on what I’ve been getting up to last week or so. In summary it’s been a week of strong collaboration with the new state government who have been refreshingly aligned with the Freo Council strategic priorities, finishing with a major presentation to the property industry in Perth.

A Movie About A Life Less Plastic by Quincey for Plastic Free July

It was lovely to join the amazing Hilton Harvest crew, lots of families and Cr Hannah Fitzhardinge for the world premiere of Quincey’s great little stop motion short movie as part of Plastic Free July. Quincey is 10 years old  and Year 5 at Hilton Primary School. He did the clip after doing one day course at the Freo Arts Center. So talented!

I even got a small role. Not sure about my acting talents though!

As you can see it was a huge turnout at the PCYC in Hilton