A Trial to see if 3 Bins is Better

The City of Fremantle is proud to support the 12 month trial of a new Food Organic Garden Organic (FOGO) system being rolled out by 7,000 City of Melville residents this spring. The trial includes the introduction of a third waste bin to encourage better separation of waste which will lead to cleaner compost and less waste going landfill and is a collaboration between the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council, City of Fremantle, City of Melville and Town of East Fremantle.

Following a successful trial in Melville, Freo residents are expected to be introduced to the third bin in 2018/19.

This video explains it well:

Density by Design – showing density done well

“Our sprawling cities are reaching their limits and we find ourselves at a cultural crossroads as the great Australian dream must adapt to a new era.”

This is how this impressive new online series Density by Design hosted by Dr Josh Byrne kicks off as it looks at some of the best medium and high density developments from around Australia. From Adelaide’s pioneering Christy Walk to the stunning new Central Park in Sydney to WGV in good old Fremantle, this is density in Australia at its best.

The theme tying each of these developments together is the growing movement away from big houses on large blocks and an increased demand for multi-residential developments near our city hubs. But it is also about the real challenge to move toward new approaches that enable innovative, affordable, sustainable design that is both liveable and affordable.

Density by Design is supported by the CRC for Low Carbon Living in partnership with Curtin University, LandCorp, City of Fremantle and Josh Byrne & Associates. The video series is produced by VAM MEDIA and Directed by Brendan Hutchens.

If you care about the future of our cities then these four 10 minute episodes are well worth a view.

I have seen all of the developments in the flesh and Josh and the team do a great job of showing them and getting the story behind each.

For more information on Density by Design visit the website and watch the series teaser.

Photo by Corey Roberts of Bowden

We Want Your Say on Greening Fremantle

The Greening Fremantle Strategy is the culmination of work and input from the local community, Green Plan 2020 Working Group and City of Fremantle.

Key targets and initiatives include:

  • Every worker and resident to be within walking distance to public open space.
  • Progressively increase tree canopy across the city to achieve up to 20 percent by 2020.
  • Design adaptable open space that allows for future flexibility as the community and open space function and needs change over time.
  • Develop links that increase the amount of vegetation and increase habitat and movement between green spaces for native fauna.

There is a survey that City of Fremantle  would love your input on at:


Baugruppen at WGV explained

I think Baugruppen has huge potential to add affordability, sustainability and tailored innovation to medium density housing in a way that Perth has not seen before …

Cycling and the State Election. A Westcylce Summary

WestCycle has drawn together the cycling commitments of the four major political parties ahead of the Western Australian State Election. This table summarises each party’s platform for cycling.

Where possible, we have used the party’s own words to describe their commitment.

“Life After Coal”; North Freo Forum.

Energy, from coal to renewables, has been a topic of hot conversation around the nation this week and in North Fremantle this week it continues with Professor Peter Droege from the University of Liechtenstein speaking on “ Life After Coal – International Examples Of Post Coal Prosperity And Lessons For Collie WA”

This forum will explore international examples where regional centers that have relied on fossil fuel industries have been renewed and revitalised through a transition to renewable energy.

Learnings from one of the world’s leading experts on planning and infrastructure development for renewable energy will be combined with local knowledge and research to explore the potential and pathway for a renewable energy transition in Collie in Western Australia.

Event Details

Thursday 16 February 6pm – 8pm

North Fremantle Community Hall, 2 Thompson Rd, North Fremantle


ABOUT Professor Peter Droege

Prof Peter Droege and the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development pursue post carbon regions with local communities and regional governments. Peter is in Perth to share insight into his current initiative of devising structural change in one of Europe’s largest brown coal mining regions, drawing encouragement and insight from similar developments elsewhere. The obvious need and opportunity for Collie to make a similar journey will be the focus for discussion.

Peter Droege has been an academic in Australia (Newcastle and Sydney universities), America (MIT), Japan (Uni of Tokyo) and now at University of Liechtenstein. He has books on The Renewable City (2006), Urban Energy Transition (2008), 100% Renewable (2012) and has been a powerful leader of academic and policy-based research on how cities and regions can create good economic outcomes by moving to renewables.

Sustainable Energy Now (SEN)

Western Australian research and advocacy group SEN has developed a ground-breaking model to examine pathways and opportunities for renewable energy uptake in the Southwest Interconnected System. Ben Rose from SEN will present some recent findings from this model, with a focus on jobs and economic development opportunities for Collie over the next decade.

Is the Transition towards 100% Renewable Energy Possible?

As part of World Renewable Energy Congress XVI Conference at Murdoch University you are invited:

FREE Expert Seminar on the challenges and possibilities of the transition towards a 100% renewable energy society.

Presentations by experts followed by a Q&A session

  • MC: Hamish Jolly – local entrepreneur, Director Biogass Renewables Ltd.


  • Prof Ray Wills, Managing Director, Future Smart Strategies, Perth
  • Prof Ali Sayigh, Director General, World Renewable Energy Network.
  • Dr David Renne, President International Solar Energy Society, USA.
  • Prof Peter Newman, Professor of Sustainability, Curtin University.

Sunday, 5 February 2017 5.00pm – 6.30pm

Victoria Hall, 179 High Street, Fremantle