Garage Sale Trail this Weekend!

Australia’s biggest weekend of garage sales is happening around the country on Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 October 2017.

As you can see there is lots happening in Freo too.

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New Expanded Freo Recycling Centre Now Open


The City of Fremantle’s improved and expanded recycling centre is open for business from tomorrow (20/10), with more capacity to recycle metal, batteries, clothes and even computers.

The revamped Montreal Street centre has an improved layout for easier access and will now be open from midday to 4pm on Fridays as well as 8am – 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

For the first time, residents will be able to drop off green waste, mattresses, slabs and pavers.

The City of Fremantle is also introducing a free home collection service for seniors.

Fremantle residents aged 65 and over will be able to contact the City to arrange the doorstep pick up of white goods, e-waste and mattresses.

The new recycling services would allow the City to achieve its goal of a 70 per cent recycling rate by 2020.

We’re all about doing the right thing for ratepayers and the environment. As part of our One Planet commitments, the City of Fremantle is supporting the community to reduce waste generation by 10 per cent against 2015 levels by 2020.

The new recycling centre and the home collection service will help us to achieve those targets and offer fantastic new services to the people of Fremantle.

Episode Two of Density X Design – inspiring stuff at WGV

Episode Two of Density X Design is up and demonstrates some of the inspiring stuff that is happening at WGV Freo.

Solar for St Pats

This is a great little Freo story. Some very generous  Freo solar and electrical businesses have got together to donate a 6kw solar PV system to one of the housing venues that St Pat’s run in Freo so they can not only lower carbon footprint but also reduce their electricity costs and have more to spend on helping those in need. It is a great outcome.

Here is how WTV reported it on Undercurrent.


WA Container Deposit Scheme One Can Closer

It is good news that the Western Australian Government is introducing a state-wide container deposit scheme – expected to start on 1 January 2019.

The Premier was at the SMRC which is part of the regional Council that Fremantle is a member of to announce this morning (and also has the best recycling rates in the state!)

Put simply, with a container deposit scheme consumers will be able to get a 10 cent refund on all eligible beverage containers – plastic and glass bottles, paper-board cartons, and steel and aluminium cans between 150 millilitres and three litres.

The scheme will reduce litter, increase recycling and protect the environment.

It also provides opportunities for charitable and community groups to raise funds. We are particualry keen for this to include local schools. The City of Fremantle ran a trial a few years back with some local primary schools that was a huge success and raised lots of money for them.


The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation has released the Western Australian Container Deposit Scheme Discussion Paper for comment until 23 October 2017 and is seeking input on its design.

There are two ways to provide your feedback: via an anonymous online survey  and/or a detailed written submission to the Department by email to


Monday’s ABC Four Corners program was hardly flattering to recycling in Australia but Fremantle through our part in the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (member councils also include Cockburn, Melville, Kwinana and East Fremantle.) is leading the way in WA for diverting waste from landfill. Here is their official response:


In light of the allegations presented in a recent ABC Four Corners programme into waste management practices in NSW and QLD, the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC) would like to reemphasize that recyclables collected in the yellow-topped bins processed by the SMRC are recovered to the fullest extent possible with 85% of recyclables recovered and made into new products.

This includes glass which is recovered, ground and used in road base, as well as plastics, paper, cardboard, steel and aluminum which command a high value when sold to domestic and international markets.

The organic fraction of the green-topped general waste bins processed by the SMRC is recovered and processed into compost which is used in agriculture.

The SMRC is a transparent, local government organisation, committed to working with its member councils and the community to ensure environmentally sustainable outcomes.

The SMRC plays an important role in working towards increased recycling rates and encourages the community to assist our efforts by ensuring they continue to put the right thing in the right bin.

Residents of member Councils and members of the public can attend free tours of the Regional Resource Recovery Centre (RRRC) in Canning Vale to see firsthand what happens to their waste and virtual tours are also available on the Recycle Right website

Delivering Sustainable Housing for Artists and Creatives (SHAC)

This morning was one of those special mornings that captured so much about what I love about Fremantle.

Today, affordable housing, promotion of the arts, sustainability and community all came together in the SHAC Housing project official opening today in WGV, Fremantle.

I still remember when the original SHAC artists came to visit me at the City of Fremantle about their out of the box idea for some affordable housing in Fremantle that was specifically for artists. Housing and studios in perpetuity that Freo artists could live and work in.

It was a bold idea. One without precedent in WA. But the hard work of the SHAC crew along some great support from Landcorp, Access Housing, CODA, JBA, Donaldson and Warn, Peter Tinley, CUSP, City of Freo and others saw this crazy, bold idea become a reality today.

Resident artists have now moved into some of the 22 nicely designed, affordable rental units and artist studios that sit in a sustainable medium density building (with 20kw of solar PV and 40kw of batteries) all among some wonderful native landscaping.

I suspect there was barely a dry eye in the crowd as Michelle who was one of the co-initiators of the project explained its importance to the Freo arts community in her wonderful speech (see below). This is an exceptionally good example of density done well.

This is a project I feel extremely proud to have played a small part in helping it come to reality. I feel even more proud to part of community that can bring bold idea to reality because we care and have a vision for the kind of diverse and inclusive community we want to be.

It was a special day – love Freo